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Latest News  >  New air quality website launched

Welcome to the new website for air quality in Greater Manchester. The website contains a huge amount of information that will be of interest to people living in the area, as well as students interested in air quality and the environment. Environmental consultants will also find some of the more detailed information available on the site of use.

The site focuses on local air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter that can cause health problems at high concentrations. Current air pollution levels from monitoring stations across Greater Manchester can be found on the site, along with information on historical trends.

The site also contains information on emission sources in the area, through the Greater Manchester emissions inventory (EMIGMA). A pollution calculator has also been developed to help people estimate the emissions they generate from transport and the home. Advice is then available on how to reduce the emission footprint, and in many cases save money from reduced fuel bills.

The website will be updated regularly with details of various campaigns and activities that are going on in Greater Manchester to try to improve air quality in the area. Any comments or feedback on the content of the website would be much appreciated and should be directed to


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