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A leading UK charity has successfully won a case at the Supreme Court against the UK government for not meeting the EU pollution limits in major cities like Manchester, London, Birmingham and other locations.
The Supreme Court confirmed that the Government is in breach of the EU Air Quality Directive leaving the UK open to enforcement action at the national or European level. In passing judgement, the Supreme Court says that it raises ‘difficult issues of European law’ requiring further guidance from the European courts and opens it the possibility of formal action.
Nitrogen dioxide is exceeded in Greater Manchester at roadside locations and in busy town centres. Defra forecast that compliance with nitrogen dioxide limits will not be achieved until 2020 in Greater Manchester and other areas and as late as 2025 in London.
Pollution from road traffic is the most significant cause of poor air quality in Greater Manchester. The two pollutants of most concern are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulates less than 10 microns. (PM10).
The UK accepts that under its current air-quality plans, London will not meet its legal limit to reduce NO2 pollution until 2025. Most other urban regions and cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow, will not comply until 2020. Greater Manchester’s own modeling work paints a similar picture of exceedences beyond 2020 in some areas.
Joe Hennon, spokesman for EU environment commissioner, says that no action has been taken against any country yet, but we are working our way through different countries. After reviewing all the member states plans the EU will make a decision on what infringement action to take.

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